Web Development Services

Website Maintenance

Internet standards are constantly changing and it’s up to you to have Pimento Studios keep you up to date and give your customers the kind of online experience they have come to expect from professional and reputable websites. You may not fully understand the accessibility and user-experience standards and expectations, or how you can stay in compliance, but we do. Call Pimento Studios, Chicago’s Website Maintenance company, to see how we can help you.


  • Browser Compatibility. Is your site displaying properly in current and previous versions of the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome?
  • Broken Links. We test links to identify, locate and fix any broken or bad links that drive customers and spiders away.
  • Page Load Time. We check your website for slow download time, which frustrates customers.
  • SEO Assessment. We take a close look at your site to determine what you’re already doing and let you know what tools and strategies you might consider taking advantage of.
  • Google Analytics. Install Google Analytics and we’ll look at the tracking statistics with a discerning eye and tell you what those statistics mean.
  • HTML Check & Repair. We discover bad HTML tags that prevent browsers from processing your HTML, which prevents visitors and spiders from reading your website.
  • Graphic design. Add more flair to your site.
  • Page layout. Internet standards change each year, make sure you change too.
  • Site Map. Install a site map for better search engine visibility.
  • Site-wide spell check. Spelling errors are a poor reflection of you and your company.
  • Copy-writing & editing
  • Add fresh content